Our Process

The Traditional Way

Traditional coatings and adhesives use organic solvents and water to reduce the viscosity of coating resins enough to allow coatings to be sprayed, brushed, rolled or otherwise applied to a surface.  Heat and time are required to evaporate the solvent and/or water from the coating and to coalesce and cure the coating after it is dry.  The traditional way is inefficient and has several negative consequences, including:

  • Substantial application and drying times leading to production and operational down time and inefficiency
  • Emission of dangerous Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) from solvent based products
  • Off-gassing of other greenhouse gases into the atmosphere
  • Emission of carbon dioxide and other combustion products from application equipment and energy sources
  • Dumping of countless millions of gallons of water contaminated with caustic stripper and other wastes into the environment annually.

The QuantumCure™ Way

ourprocessVolatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) and water can comprise up to 90% of traditional products. PhotoKinetic's QuantumCure™ coatings and adhesives contain zero VOCs or water; they are 100% reactive – curing instantly with ultraviolet light. Because of this, PhotoKinetic’s QuantumCure™ line of products offers many ongoing benefits, including:

Efficiency & Costs

Overall, improved efficiencies and cost savings reduce installation and maintenance costs a minimum of 50% for all customers, including the near elimination of facility and production down time, minimization of the labor cost to apply and maintain surfaces, and reduction in the aggregate cost of coating materials and equipment.

Energy Savings

QuantumCure™ coatings feature reduced energy consumption for application and maintenance activities as well as emitting zero Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s) into the atmosphere.

Improved Microbial and Bacterial Resistance

Because QuantumCure™ coatings offer no source of nutrient or moisture for mold, mildew and microbial contaminants; they provide a superb bacterially resistant surface for facilities that require an extra clean operating environment.

Calculate Your Savings

images-calculator-icon-defaultQuantumCure™ products can save you up to 80% over your current systems.  Check out our Cost Savings Calculator to find out how your product compares.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How long does it take QuantumCure™ to dry?

QuantumCure™ does not dry like conventional floor finishes. It will remain liquid until it is exposed to the UV light from the floor cure unit. Once exposed to the UV light, QuantumCure™ coatings cure instantly 100% and are ready for use.

Q. How many square feet can one UV light machine cover in an hour?

A 15-inch floor cure unit can cure approximately 1200 square feet per hour. An 26-inch machine can cure 2400 square feet per hour.

Q. Are there other uses for QuantumCure™ besides on VCT flooring?

QuantumCure™ VCT Sealants are our first products designed for the construction and maintenance industry. We are actively developing products for travertine, concrete, wood and other surfaces.

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QuantumCure™ Facts

  • Helps the environment.
  • Is non-yellowing.
  • Eliminates drying time and evaporation.
  • Provides increased antimicrobial protection for facilities that require an extra clean operating environment.

QuantumCure™ Uses

  • Vinyl Composite Tile (VCT) flooring
  • High-end screens for videoconferencing and theater production
  • Amusement park applications
  • Recreational products including skis, ski poles, golf shafts

Green with Every Step

Money. Time. Our environment.

With every QuantumCure™ step, you work on earning more green and saving green at the same time. Find out more.

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