Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How long does it take QuantumCure™ to dry?

application1QuantumCure™ does not dry like conventional floor finishes. It will remain liquid until it is exposed to the UV light from the floor cure unit. Once exposed to the UV light, QuantumCure™ coatings cure instantly 100% and are ready for use.

Q. How many square feet can one UV light machine cover in an hour?

A 15-inch floor cure unit can cure approximately 1200 square feet per hour. An 26-inch machine can cure 2400 square feet per hour.

Q. Are there other uses for QuantumCure™ besides on VCT flooring?

QuantumCure™ VCT Sealants are our first products designed for the construction and maintenance industry. We are actively developing products for travertine, concrete, wood and other surfaces.

Q. How do you prepare an existing floor for QuantumCure™ application?

To ensure good flow and adhesion of the QuantumCure™ coating, it is necessary to strip off the existing floor finish with an appropriate stripper, then damp mop the floor and allow it to dry thoroughly before applying the QuantumCure™ sealant.

Q. How do you prepare a new floor for QuantumCure™ application?

With new VCT installations it is desirable to remove the factory finish that was applied to the tiles during manufacture. This can be accomplished by wet-scrubbing with a mild alkaline detergent, followed by a water rinse. Allow the surface to dry completely before applying the coating. Do not use a tack cloth, as it may leave traces of resin on the surface that will cause coating defects. QuantumCure™ can then be applied and cured immediately.

Q. What happens when QuantumCure™ has to be recoated?

before1Because QuantumCure™ is non-yellowing, it does not have to be completely stripped from the floor before reapplication. When the original QuantumCure™ sealant has become worn through use (typically 6-18+ months after application), it will be necessary to abrade the surface of the floor with a mesh screen or abrasive pad, then remove all the particulates generated by vacuuming or dry mopping. After the floor is dry, a new layer of QuantumCure™ can be applied and cured as before.

Q. Do you need to buff after QuantumCure™ has been applied?

Buffing is not required after curing the QuantumCure™ sealant. It will cure to a gloss or satin finish (depending upon the product used) that is permanent.

Q. How long will a QuantumCure™ coating last after it has been applied?

Current testing indicates that QuantumCure™ VCT Sealants will last 4 to 10 times longer than conventional sealants. The lifetime will vary depending upon traffic and other factors, but should be 6-18+ months.

Q. How long can the QuantumCure™ stay wet before the UV light cures it?

In a dust-free environment QuantumCure™ sealants will remain wet indefinitely. In practice, curing can begin within five to ten minutes after application. Open times of fifteen to thirty minutes after application will not affect the final finish unless the environment is very dusty or ambient light levels are very high.

Q. How many square feet can one gallon of QuantumCure™ cover?

after1At a coating thickness of 3 mils, QuantumCure™ VCT Sealant will cover approximately 500 square feet per gallon.

Q. When applying QuantumCure™, how do you avoid creating dry lines between sections?

In most cases, dry lines can be avoided by always maintaining a wet edge between sections. This means that the application and curing are most successful when coordinated to allow the application to proceed slightly in advance of the curing. An alternative is to mask off sections, and then remove the masking tape before the section is cured. The edge of the cured section is then masked and the sealant is applied up to the masking on the next section.

Q. Is QuantumCure™ a USGBC certified coating?

QuantumCure™ VCT Sealants have not been certified by USGBC at this time, but PK Coatings is pursuing this and other certifications.

Updated 3/21/2010

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QuantumCure™ Facts

  • Helps the environment.
  • Is non-yellowing.
  • Eliminates drying time and evaporation.
  • Provides increased antimicrobial protection for facilities that require an extra clean operating environment.

QuantumCure™ Uses

  • Vinyl Composite Tile (VCT) flooring
  • High-end screens for videoconferencing and theater production
  • Amusement park applications
  • Recreational products including skis, ski poles, golf shafts

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